Breeding Program

About the Breeding Program

Rare species, namely East Africa Buffalo and Sable were purchased with the farm Welgevonden. Due to the conservation and financial value of these species it was decided to establish a breeding program for both species as a core activity of the estates. The current numbers are 55 Buffalo and 56 Sable. The breeding herds are fed on a daily base at specific times to assure that physical inspections on animals are executed.



A Landscape feature is Bulklip with a height of 937m on the farm Bullklip and two other rocky outcrops known as the “Cow” and”Kalf” with heights of 894m and 930m respectively and situated on the farms Welgevonden and Grootpan and can be visited by game drive. These are impressive features in an otherwise flat terrain and create a diversity of habitats in which an increased diversity of species occur.



In line with Anglo American’s approach to Bio-Diversity Action Plans a qualitative assessment of the “perceived Bio-Diversity value” of all the land within Waterberg Estates was initially undertaken. This assessment was conducted at a broad level, to categorize the total area of land into distinct units.

The intention is for these units of contrasting biodiversity character and quality to be used as the primary management units in the development of biodiversity conservation objectives, priorities and actions.


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